Planning your CV

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Planning your CV or resume is very important in ensuring you have covered all of the essential and relevant information on what to put in your CV. Without planning you risk not having the correct structure of your curriculum vitae, and also not applying all of the important information that is required when making a CV and approaching potential employers with your CV profile. When looking for employment or applying to a new position you will potentially be tailoring your CV or making a CV that is bespoke for each and every job application. Although the content may only vary slightly in your resume tailoring, it’s important that you ensure that you’ve planned out the layout of your CV, structure and aspects that require additional content or content removal in your curriculum vitae. Planning your CV is one of the most essential elements to consider when you make a CV and in this article I’ll be discussing how to approach the planning of your curriculum vitae, and how to actually plan the structure of your CV.

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2011: Expert CV Tip of the Week/Month 1

CV profile pictureTheĀ How to Make a CV Tip of the Week also happens to be the How to Make a CV Tip of the Month:

Tailor every curriculum vitae / resume

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