2011: Expert CV Tip of the Week/Month 1

CV profile pictureThe How to Make a CV Tip of the Week also happens to be the How to Make a CV Tip of the Month:

Tailor every curriculum vitae / resume

There is a more detailed post about why you should tailor every CV, but in brief you should consider sending a CV that is tailored to every single job you apply for in your career because tailoring your resume enables you to market yourself in the best and most appropriate way possible to the specific reader of your curriculum vitae. It gives you the best chance to secure an interview because the content of the CV will be written with the specific needs and requirements of the job specification in mind and the particular job description keywords will concur /match up with your CV keywords. Tailoring your CV can dramatically improve your “CV sends to interviews secured” ratio and although writing or editing a CV for every job application can seem timely, you can save time in the long run by have a better resume to get more interviews throughout your career.

Market yourself appropriate -> tailor your CV

For more advice on CV tips of the week or CV tips of the month, click the expert CV tips link at the menu bar.


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  3. Surprised to find out that there are still a few who think otherwise. For that, in the majority of cases people are coasting along hoping for the best but with no thought of ever making a stand.

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  6. Thomas says:

    Nice article and i completely agree, you need to make a CV / Resume for each job you apply for. Call it tailored or targeted it is essential that your CV is aligned to the wishes and demands in the vacancy you are applying for. An easy way to handle all these CV’s if your not a Word expert would be to use a CV engine, for instance like http://www.comoto.com, here you can target everyone of your multiple CV’s, you can import data from Linkedin and export in a wide variaty of CV Templates….
    Best regards

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