About the Author – How to Make a CV

At the moment there is one author of all advice and articles on How to Make a CV, although in future there will be a number of resume/curriculum vitae expert contributors from different yet relevant areas of business to give advice on how to create a CV, curriculum vitae or resume.

Here is a little background on the expertise of the author ‘howtomakeacv’:

Age: Mid twenties

Academics: 11 GCSE’s all grade A-C, including English Literature and English Language; 4 A-Levels in Business (Dual AVCE), ICT and General Studies; BA (Hons) Business Enterprise degree.

Industry of work: Sales & Marketing within the health & safety and training industry.

Former experience: Extensive technical recruitment expertise primarily to IT markets; Extensive Sales & Marketing experience for global branding of household-name brands; Additional Promotional & Marketing expertise to the UK bar & restaurant industry.

Key Experience & Expertise: The author has viewed, reviewed, critiqued and fed-back over 10,000 curriculum vitae’s within a range of industries within both an employer and recruitment capacity; Has excellent and successful experience at self-marketing and at marketing products to tough and competitive industries. 


About howtomakeacv
Tips | Advice | Help on how to make a CV | Curriculum Vitae | Resume howtomakeacv.wordpress.com youtube.com/howtomakeacv twitter.com/howtomakeacv howtomakeacv@gmail.com

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